Warriors eye Udoh ahead of Monroe

In that case, the seem to be focusing intently on Udoh, as was first reportedtoday by Yahoo Marc Spears, then was followedby other reports.

To triple check it, cheap jerseys a little while ago,a source with knowledge of the draft boardtold methat the team has Udoh ranked ahead of Monroe, end of story.

Some complications, at least in my mind is 23, while Monroe is 20, and, according to Spears,http://www.nfljerseys4cheapsale.com/ Udoh impressed the brass with his versatility and maturity apparently showed up to his workout in a suit.

Now I don know how showing up in a suit proves you a worthy pick at 6, but oh well, we have plenty of time to debate this over the next days and weeks.

I also think Udoh is highly duplicative of the current young power forwards Randolph and Brandan Wright again, if Udoh the pick, that will be hashed out over and over.

Late tonight, a league exec said Udoh would be a good pick for the because of his length, defensive mindsetand ability to find space from 15 feet and in. He not a bruiser, but he has good footwork and great timing.

The exec repeated the criticism we all heard about Monroe skilled, but he is going to get pushed around in the NBA for a few years.

That probably a given. I still take Monroe ahead of Udoh.

I asked the exec last night: So the can play Udoh ahead of Randolph and Wright, no problem?

The exec just laughed at that one and said I had a good point. Not his worry, of course.

One true cautionary point: There always a chance the trade down if they not entirely sold on Udoh and think they can slide back to take someone else they like (maybe Ed Davis or Damion James) and grab $3M cash in the process.

Several sources told me tonight that owner Chris Cohan could be very tempted to get as much cash as possible ($3M per trade is the max), as long as he doesn look like he stripping the franchise bare before the sale.

That part of what I think is happening with all the reports I heard, too the are talking with other teams about every player on the roster except Stephen Curry.

It likely that Cohan wants to see what the market could bring for Monta Ellis, Randolph, Andris Biedrins and the rest.

Can Riley find him deals that look OK on the outside and quietly getCohan $3M as a neat by product (but really is the main motivation for him)?

And can those trades at least have the appearance of not cutting into the franchise value as the sales process moves forward?

Put another way: Larry Ellison probably won race to increase his offer if Cohan gives away Ellis and Randolph for nothing (but cash).

By the way, don discount Don Nelson role in the trade rumor bonanza.

Maybe the will go on a full scale fire sale tomorrow. If the right deals are there, I think Cohan would do it. (And I will give a large nod to DraftExpress Givony, who reported thefire sale likelihood today.)

But I don think they finding the right deals plus talent that Cohan can sell as an honest trade this point.

Could happen in the next few weeks, though. With Cohan, anything can happen.

interesting notes on the draft board info I got, which only was about the top five at each position Kansas Sherron Collins, who has been overweight in some workouts and is not generally considered a top 25 pick, is listed ahead of Kentucky Eric Bledsoe (a possible top 15) on the point guard list.

The Big 12 love continues: Texas PG Avery Bradley, Kansas SG Xavier Henry, Oklahoma State SG James Anderson, Texas SF Damion James and Kansas C Cole Aldrich are all near the top at their respective positions.

Butler Gordon Hayward, thought to be a possible top 10,is listed behind Damion James at SF.

There ya go. That it for tonight. More bombshells tomorrow, I sure.

I don think the cash in trades is going directly into Cohan pocket. The money involved in trades goes to the and therefore winds up on their balance sheet. If Cohan distributes back to himself and shareholders, it will be very transparent. I been involved in a couple M discussions and this kind of thing is usually just taken out of the offer. The original bid was for the full value of the team and if Cohan takes, say $6M, out cash, the bidder will lower their offer accordingly. Really this stuff comes down to negotiating leverage, but media reports seem to indicate that there is only 1 bidder anywhere near Cohan desired $400M, which makes it a buyers market. What I don know is Cohan tax situation, so maybe there is a tax benefit to him for taking a dividend from the team in advance of the sale. Otherwise, I suspect any money he pulls out now will be a wash with a lower offer from the sale.

I think its more plausible that Cohan is seeking cash because the team needs it for operations or that the negotiation is focusing around some kind of multiple on a financial metric such as revenue or earnings, in which case the ROI on $3 6M that Cohan pulls in from trades could be much more lucrative.

7 +1. It doesn matter who we draft. At number 6, we just not going to get a difference maker, someone who will step in and help us get to the playoffs right away. Nothing matters at this point, besides the sale. Even if we got Wall or Turner, we still have a losing record next season as long as we still had that cancer of an owner, who has always been the number one factor determining whether we win or lose.